Company Code: Hecheng Electrical. Definite Purpose Contactor for HVAC applications
Pack Code: -/Y/A to Z
Pole Form Code: 1/2/3/4     1N/3E/3R/4E
Coil Voltage Code: 24/120/240/277/380/480  (VAC)
Contact Ratings Code: 20/25/30/35/40/50/60/75/90 (FLA)
Termination Code: AA/BB/CC/DD/EE/FF/GG           CY/CG/CJ/NN/XX/AB
Customer Designation: 10099 Hecheng electrical assigned customer specific designation for a qualified customer special in marking, termination, or other significant variation from the standard construction. When blank, no options apply.
Cover Option: ‘C’ indicates the addition of a cover when one is not standard.


1.1 Certificates: UL-E246810; CSA-256361
1.2 Application: HVACR;
1.3 Standard: UL508; UL60947; ARI 780/790
1.4 RoHS Compliance

1.5 Cross reference to SIEMENS Definite purpose contactor